Sugar Machinery :

 Bagasse Baling Press

 Bagasse Silo

 Barometric Condesors(all Types)

 Caustic Soda Tanks

 Cane Kickers

 Cont. Juice Suphitors & Juice Defeator

 Cont. syrup Sulphitors

 Cont. Sulpher Burners/satwik Type

 Grit Catchers

 Molasses Conditioners

 Milk Of Lime Station

 Magma Mixers

 Pug Mills

 Sugar Hoppers

 Sugar Graders & Sugar Distributors

 Sugar Elevators

 Screw Conveyors

 Transient Heaters

 Phosphate Slurry Tanks

 Wedge Bar Screens

 Pan Circulators

  Values as Per Specifications :

  Steel Structure :

 All types of structure & staging for     Boilers & Sugar Mills

 Boiler chimney, feed water tank,

 Air vanes, chutes, foundation bolts

 Buckstay & ducting etc.

 Canopy Structure,water tank,dp tank,

 pre water heater,rotary valve,boilorar     internal


  Typical Boiler Internals :

 MS/S.S. Baffles, Dimister, Frames & Cyclones Etc.